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Linitzer - Mystery on the Danube - 18 December, 2022

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Join Georgiana, our storyteller and tour guide as she takes you on another exciting mystery traveling tour. This time, you will find yourself aboard a luxurious river cruise, sailing down the Danube from Hungary all the way to Romania. You meet all sorts of people aboard the ship, from the most notorious royal families, to vicious businessmen and passionate archaeologists. Soon, you find out that this river cruise is no ordinary one, bringing on board one of the most sought after ancient artifacts in the world, which mysteriously disappears during the voyage! Can you discover the thief and help retrieve this valuable object?

Together with Georgiana you will have the opportunity to discover more of what to expect when going on a river cruise in Europe, from amenities to types of activities available and food served on board. Other highlights of the tour are:

- Cruise through the Iron Gates, one of the largest and jaw-dropping gorges in Europe

- Revel at the largest rock sculpture in Europe, Decebal's Head

- Visit 2 European Capitals: Bucharest and Belgrade

- Discover the hidden gems of Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria

- Enjoy the best medieval cities in Transylvania: Sighisoara and Brasov

- Explore Saxon UNESCO village and the charming countryside in Romania

- Get inspired by local culinary treats and drinks!

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