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Mark Hebscher - 23 Jan 2022 at 10:00am

Mark Hebscher has been a sports commentator on TV and radio since the late 1970s. His on-air persona and attitude is unique and refreshing. Mark co-hosted the ground-breaking and popular Sportsline on Global TV for 11 years from 1984-95 with  Jim Tatti. It was here that while developing a weekly collection of sports bloopers known as the Hebsy Awards, that Mark created many new popular sports terms  for the mass viewing audience. (e.g. “Top shelf where they keep the peanut butter”!) Mark also did radio play-by-play for both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Argonauts in the mid 90s, and hosted Maple Leaf games for 7 years on Global TV. He is also a two-time Gemini Award nominee for Best Sportscaster.  He wrote a book called “The Greatest Athlete (you’ve never heard of), and hosts a weekly podcast, called “Hebsy On Sports”.  He has two adult sons, and lives in Toronto.


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