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Linitzer - Allan Cross - 23 October, 2022

If you are a music fan you will want to be sure to join us to hear our October speaker, Alan Cross.


Amongst many other endeavors, Alan is the host of the long-running documentary “The Ongoing History of New Music” and an internationally renowned broadcaster, interviewer, writer, and speaker. Alan will be speaking to us about the impact and effect of music on our human brains: There is no real biological need for humans to have music. Yet for some reason, our brains seemed to be hardwired for it. This is why scientists are so interested in studying how the brain processes music and why we seem to need it so much. There’s more, too. Does vinyl really sound better? What’s wrong with digital music? Why do songs get stuck in our head? And how can music be used when we get older to preserve our memories?


Alan's current book is a children’s book, The Science of Song, which looks at the intersection of music and technology "including a lot of stuff involving the brain."

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